DNA Collection

There is a scheme to collect saliva samples from individuals affected by VPM (Vizsla Polymyositis) and also their close relatives. The hope is to identify the genetic mutations which cause the disease and thus to develop a DNA test. 

Please visit the website of veterinary neurologist Clare Rusbridge to read more

The Owners page has further information.

Please contact Di Addicott (project coordinator) by email or pick up the phone (01576 202258) to say "my vizsla's pedigree name is XXX - would his saliva sample be useful for the research? " We will let you have an answer straight away. All communications are dealt with speedily and in strict confidence.

All participants are provided with everything that is required - the sample is quick and easy to take - and there are absolutely no costs to the owner. Even the postage is prepaid.
The sample will be sent to the Centre for Integrated Genomic Medical research and will be completely anonymous once it is entered in to the DNA archive. No information regarding any genetic analysis will be reported back to the owner - OR ANYBODY ELSE IN THE BREED. This is because it will only be possible to find out which genes and environmental factors are important by identifying patterns in large numbers of affected and unaffected animals